Olympic champion Chen Long is the perfect example of ‘hard work beats talent’. He was never as exciting as his idol Lin Dan to watch. However his hard work and excellent results have gathered him a large number of loyal supporters over the years. His game is backed by his great physical fitness. His defence might be the best men’s singles badminton has ever seen.

Major Achievements:
Gold Medalist, Olympic Games 2016
BWF World Champion – 2014, 2015

Chen Long has changed his racket model only ONCE in 10 years. And he has never changed his shoe model in 10 years.
Chen Long seems to be the guy who does not care much about sponsorships and his off court image. His concentration is solely on winning matches.


2021 – Present


2018 – 2021
Chen Long is currently using the Li Ning 3D Calibar 900 (the black gold version). The 3D calibar series is characterised by geometric edgy frame design which is intended to reduce air resistance while swinging the racket.


2009 – 2017
He was performing well, he was winning titles. This racket had the same red yellow colours as that of the Chinese flag. There was no reason to changed his racket. And so Chen Long never changed his racket for nearly a decade.

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