Lee Chong Wei went to buy a 2-week supply of groceries after his wife Wong Mew Choo asked him amid the coronavirus panic. His wife gave him a list too – chicken, rice, vegetables, fruits, eggs and toilet paper. 

He shared his experience of the same on his Instagram. 

“Two days ago, I heard some news of restriction order regarding this coronavirus. So Mew Choo ordered me to go and buy the things needed for the next 2 weeks. My wife’s maths is better, so I just followed her list. Family of 4 members, 5 chickens, 1 bag of rice, vegetables enough for 2 weeks, 2 dozens of eggs, fruits and 1 bag of toilet paper.

“But when I reached the supermarket, wow! So many aunties, as if it’s a trolley race marathon! Kalah Khalid Jantan! Luckily I managed to collect all the items on my wife’s shopping list. But it was too late for the toilet paper. I shockingly looked at the guy in front of me, who was taking 10 bags of toilet paper rolls! It seems there are a lot of people in his house.”

Someone called Lee from behind and handed him a bag of toilet papers! In all the hurry Lee took the bag although it was not the kind he uses at home. 

The man turned out to be his friend Nazir, who lived near his house. 

Just as at this moment “trolley gangsters” rushed in through the doors and so Lee and his friend Nazir chose to leave as soon as possible. 

“I immediately chose to run away, knowing that the virus can spread easily.

“All my fellow friends, I hope you will be able to maintain calmness when facing this crisis. Although storing food is inevitable, control the quantity. And I request everyone to stay at home and not to come outside during this period. Please don’t go back to your hometown as if it is a new year’s holiday. You may feel that this is ok, but it is your loved ones who may pass away.

“Trust me, this nightmare will eventually stop. Don’t panic. We Malaysians care for each other, help each other, and stand with each other regardless of race and religion, and this day will arrive faster.”

He also thanked and extended his highest respects to doctors, nurses, hospital staff, supermarket employees, for the service they provided.