The Yonex All England 2020 is underway. 

The entire South Korean team is also participating in it. This was made possible by Lee Yong Dae’s secret mission in the UK just before the start of the All England.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many badminton tournaments to be cancelled or postponed. Badminton Asia Team Championships 2020 went ahead as planned, but the Chinese and Hong Kong teams could not participate due to a travel ban imposed by the host Philippines government. 

South Korea became the second epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in Asia. This resulted in many countries around the world putting up restrictions on travellers arriving from South Korea.

The biggest question in everyone’s mind in the Korean badminton team was – “Can we join All England? Can we go to Birmingham?”

This is when Lee Yong Dae came to everyone’s rescue.

Lee Yong Dae and his partner Kim Gi Jung flew to the UK two days before the national team on 4 March. 

He was requested by the Badminton Association of Korea to enter the UK and inform back the local immigration situation in the UK.

Lee Yong Dae and Kim Gi Jung arrived at Birmingham airport via Frankfurt. They passed through immigration without any hassle. With a big sigh of relief, Lee Yong Dae informed the Korean badminton team, “I can enter into the UK.”

An official of the Badminton Association Korea said, “We initially thought of sending the staff first to assess and test the situation. But thanks to Lee Yong Dae, that trouble was saved.”