Today’s players do not rely only on badminton for their incomes, some of the big names have gone into business. These businesses range from an online clothing store to badminton equipment company.

These self employments are not only a good source of additional income, but it provides employment for others as well. And in a country like Indonesia, it only adds to popularising the sport where badminton is a part of the day-to-day life.

Here is a list of current and former players who are thriving at business.

1. Jonatan Christie

This 2018 Asian Games gold medalist has a clothing business that he co-owns named Satoe-Noesa. The business was started in 2018 in which he also serves as the model for their advertising. Satoe-Noesa is focusing on clothes and accessories that are made by locals with Indonesian themes like unity.

2. Taufik Hidayat

Taufik owns a badminton training facility called the Taufik Hidayat Arena. The arena was inaugurated in 2012 before his retirement in 2013. The arena has facilities for badminton training, dormitories, athlete waiting rooms, shops and cafeterias, multi-functional rooms and a gym. The facility is also open to the general public.

3. Marcus Fernaldi Gideon

Gideon owns a badminton store called Kurnia Sport, which deals in a variety of badminton related equipment. In addition to this, he owns a badminton training hall called Gideon Badminton Hall which was inaugurated this August. The facilities provided here are a badminton academy, VIP and regular courts, a public training ground and a gym. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the Daddies and the Minions trained at the hall to keep up with practice sessions.

4. Alan Budikusuma and Susy Susanti

The “golden pair” of Indonesian badminton has a badminton equipment company called Astec (Alan-Susy Technology). Astec equipment are widely used by local players and men’s singles player Vicky Angga Saputra is one of the company’s brand ambassadors. Astec Open is also held annually to encourage more badminton participation in the country.

5. Hariyanto Arbi

Hariyanto owns the badminton equipment company Flypower. Flypower was established in 2002 with Fung Permadi after Hariyanto left the national team. The company is a well established one with its presence beyond Indonesia. Foreign players like Jones Ralfy Jansen, Lucas Corvee and Jonathan Persson all use Flypower equipment. Tontowi Ahmad was recently recruited as the brand ambassador of the company.

6. Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo

Kevin has a beverage company called Vinion, which he owns with some of his family members. Vinion was started in 2019 and has grown to be quite a large scale business now with some six branches in several regions of the country. Kevin started Vinion because of his fondness for bubble drinks which he consumes regularly.

7. Liliyana Natsir

This Rio Olympics gold medalist has a reflexology massage centre called Nine Reflexology which is located in Tangerang city. Not only this she is also in the real estate business nowadays.

8. Mohammad Ahsan

Together with his wife, Ahsan owns a villa rental business called King Villa which is located in Bogor city. The villa rentals are conducted through the internet and some of the villas are posh and luxurious equipped with badminton courts and swimming pool facilities.

9. Sony Dwi Kuncoro

Like his fellow 2004 Athens Olympics medalist Taufik, Sony also owns a badminton training facility named after himself. The Sony Dwi Kuncoro Badminton Hall is located in Surabaya city.

10. Lindaweni Fanetri

After her retirement in 2016, Fanetri opened a coffee shop called Kok Kopi in Bandung city. She is seen promoting Kok Kopi during tournaments held in Indonesia in Istora Senayan.

11. Fajar Alfian

Together with his partner Muhammad Rian Ardianto, Fajar has a coffee shop in Bandung city. The coffee shop is called Fajri Coffee and is a combination of their nicknames on the court, and it was opened in 2019.

12. Muhammad Rian Ardianto

Ardianto has recently launched an online clothing business called Krall which mainly deals in hoodies and sweatshirts. The style of Krall as a brand reflects the player’s everyday style.

13. Rudi Hartono

The 1972 Munich Olympics gold medalist has a dairy farm in the city of Sukabumi. Besides owning the dairy business, he is also a licensed dealer of sports equipment.

14. Fran Kurniawan

The former doubles specialist is now focusing on his own culinary business under the name Pempek Awan. Pempek Awan focuses on the cuisines of Kurniawan’s hometown, Palembang.

15. Pia Zebadiah Bernadet

This doubles specialist has businesses that ranges from event organisers, villa rentals and cakes.

16. Debby Susanto

The mother of one now dedicates most of her time to her son. She is now a housewife who runs her own food business called Mama Mikha Kitchen.

17. Candra Wijaya

This 2000 Sydney Olympics gold medalist owns a badminton facility called the Candra Wijaya International Badminton Centre. The centre is located in South Tangerang with a fairly grand capacity of 1500 seats.