Lee Chong Wei’s Badminton Racket

Lee Chong Wei and his dedication to the sport of badminton cannot be more highly stated. He has been its no. 1 ambassador for almost 15 years now. Everyone across the world loves him. He is a living legend of men’s singles badminton. Lightning speed, never give up attitude, explosive smashes, entertaining skills are some of the trademarks of his gameplay. He is a national hero in Malaysia.

Major Achievements:
3x times Olympic Silvers – 2008, 2012 and 2016
3x times World Championships Silver Medalist – 2011, 2013, 2015
5x times Commonwealth Gold Medalist
4x times All England Champion
12x Malaysia Open Champion
199 consecutive weeks as World no. 1


2016 – Present
Lee Chong Wei is currently using the Yonex Duora 10. This is a revolutionary racket from Yonex. This was the first racket to have thinner backhand face and thicker forehand face of the racket. This helps in quicker backhands and powerful forehands. What we see in the photo here is the backhand side ( white + blue). If we look at the racket from the forehand side, it is red + blue.

He has also used the black red version of the same racket in between, but he switched back to this colour very quickly. It seems Dato Lee Chong Wei likes the colour of the Malaysian flag to be the same with his racket.


2014 – 2015
The Yonex Votric Z Force 2 might have been the most popular racket which was ever released by Yonex. It has the thinest racket shaft. It also has the stiffest shaft. These qualities made the racket extremely powerful and solid, yet maintaining speed at the same time. From Lee Chong Wei – Lin Dan – Momota to the average club player Johnny, everyone was using this racket during the rough period of 2014 to 2017.
The Pink + Dark blue version is the Lee Chong Wei exclusive version


2012 – 2014
Lee Chong Wei participated in the 2012 London olympics using this racket. Yonex released a Lee Chong Wei Olympic edition of the racket in White + gold colours just before the Olympics. Unfortunately for Lee Chong Wei, he came extremely close to winning the Gold in London 2012, but lost out to Lin Dan by a very fine margin


2010 – 2011
Lee Chong Wei and Peter Gade are some of the notable players who used this racket. You can see Lee Chong Wei using this racket in the all time classic match of Lee Chong Wei – Lin Dan, 2011 BWF World Championships.


Back in the early part of his career, Lee Chong Wei was using the Yonex Armotech 900 Power. There is also a yellow Lee Chong Wei limited edition of this racket.