Chen Qing Chen is one of the best Chinese talents that sprang up post Rio 2016. While many of us might not know, she holds 8 World Junior Championship titles, out of which 5 are individual (doubles) titles. She was ranked as world no. 1 both in Mixed Doubles and Women’s Doubles at the same time from January to April of 2018. In 2017 World Championships, she won the gold in women’s doubles category and the silver in the mixed doubled category. Owing to several reasons, she seemed to have confidence and performance issues in 2018. Fast forward to 2019, she is concentrating solely on women’s doubles and back to form winning matches.


2021 – Present


Chen Qingchen is currently using a Li-Ning Flame N50 racket. This racket was released a long time ago, before 2010. It was used by Fu Haifeng and was a very popular racket. Therefore we can safely say that Chen Qingchen has been using this racket for a very long time now.

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