The suspension on South Korean doubles player Seo Seung Jae has been temporarily lifted by Badminton Korea Association (BKA) following an appeal.

Seo was suspended from the national team earlier this month till the end of the year due to signing a ‘double contract’ with Samsung Electromechanics and Incheon International Airport.

According to Chosun News, Seo Seung Jae and Samsung Electromechanics filed an appeal against the suspension.

Seo, in his defence, argued that he was forced to sign the provisional contract with Incheon International Airport against his own will.

Samsung Electromechanics made it a point that the suspension would unfairly hurt his partners Chae Yu Jung (in mixed doubles) and Choi Sol Gyu (in men’s doubles).

Yonex, Seo’s main equipment sponsor, also came to the athlete’s rescue. The company filed a petition stating the damages it would suffer and asked for a chance to let the youngster play in the Olympics.

After a comprehensive review, the disciplinary committee decided to halt Seo Seung Jae’s suspension until the end of the Tokyo Olympics.

As a result, Seo will now return to train with the national team.

This decision has greatly improved South Korea’s badminton medal prospects at this year’s Olympics.

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