Badminton Denmark has announced a tentative list of players who will represent Denmark at the Thomas and Uber Cup. The list consists of 12 Uber Cup members and 11 Thomas Cup members. The final list will consist of 10 players for each cup, which will be announced at a further date.

Through the website, head coach Kenneth Jonassen said, “We have chosen to take out two general teams, which is still relatively narrow. We have done this to show the players that we see good things in their work, that we believe in them, and that the final decision will be made from amongst them if there are no injuries.”

The list of the players in the general team is as follows.

Thomas Cup
Viktor Axelsen, Skovshoved
Anders Antonsen, Aarhus AB
Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus, Højbjerg
Rasmus Gemke, Skovshoved
Victor Svendsen, Team VEB
Frederik Søgaard, TSS
Mads Kolding, TSS
Kim Astrup, TSS
Anders Skaarup, Højbjerg
Mathias Christiansen, VEB Team
Lasse Mølhede, Solrød Strand

Uber Cup
Alexandra Bend, Højbjerg
Mette Poulsen, Skovshoved
Sara Thygesen, Odense
Maiken Fruergaard, Odense
Amalie Magelund, Count
Freja Ravn, KMB2010
Rikke Søby, Greve
Mia Blichfeldt, Solrød Beach
Line Kjærsfeldt, Højbjerg
Line Christophersen, Gentofte
Julie Dawall Jakobsen, Værløse
Amalie Schulz Terp-Nielsen, Højbjerg

BWF commentator Steen Pedersen, on his social media account, said it was surprising that young Magnus Johannesen had been excluded from the team. The 18-year-old defeated Anders Antonsen in just two games at the Danish National Championships back in February. Antonsen was the world No. 6 while Johannesen was ranked 242.

BWF requires participating teams to send the final list of players by 18 September. This gives the Danish team about two weeks to choose the best squad to represent them. Jonassen said it would be better if the selection deadline was closer to the tournament.

He said, “We train right until the tournament begins, and the risk of injuries is always there.”