Viktor Axelsen badminton racket and shoe model

Viktor Axelsen is one of the forerunners in the new generation of men’s singles players to come after the era of Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei. Axelsen is an extremely talented and skilled player. Standing at a height of 194 cms (6 feet 4 in), his jump smashes are so steep that they are nearly impossible to defend. His charming personality has also gathered many young fans across many countries.

Major achievements:

  • 2017 Men’s Singles World Champion
  • Bronze Medallist 2016 Rio Olympics

Viktor Axelsen can speak and write Mandarin fluently. He learned it so that he can communicate better with Chinese coaches to learn new techniques and play style.


2020 – Present

The Yonex Astrox series was lauched in 2017 and in 2020 Yonex brought this new version. This is a head heavy racket with a rigid frame. The racket comes in 4U and 3U variants. This racket is powerful, fast, and precise.

This racket is one of the heavier rackets available. It can deliver powerful smashes but it is not too tiring to the arm. This racket will be beneficial for both doubles and singles players who want a fast, accurate and powerful racket. It features a solid core racket shaft.

Viktor axelsen using yonex duora Z strike in 2019


2019 – Present
Viktor Axelsen is currently using the Yonex Duora Z Strike. He used this racket back in 2017. He was using the Astrox 88S in 2018. For such a tall and powerful athlete like Axelsen, the Astrox 88s seemed like a weak smashing racket to me. So his switch back to a more powerful racket like the Duora Z Strike doesn’t come as a surprise.

Viktor Axelsen using the Yonex Astrox 88S in 2018

Axelsen used the Yonex Astrox 88s in 2018. He used the Arcsaber 11 for many years. The Astrox 88s is similar to the Arcsaber 11 in many aspects. Both of them are even balanced rackets.

Viktor axelsen using the yonex duora z strike in the 2017 world championships

Viktor Axelsen was the primary ambassador of the Duora Z Strike. The promo video of the Yonex Voltric Z Strike features Viktor Axelsen.

Viktor axelsen using the arcsaber 11 in 2016 and before

2016 & Before
Viktor Axelsen has never been a heavy smasher of the shuttle. Early in his career, his play style was more concentrated around quick smashes, fast pushes and counter attacks. An even balanced racket like the Arcsaber 11 complimented this style of gameplay.


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