Carolina Marin: My training facility is limited to a yoga mat, postpone the Olympics

Defending Olympic champion Carolina Marin urges the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to postpone the Tokyo Olympics.

Marin uploaded a video on her twitter account and showed how she would be training for the next couple of weeks.

She showed how she has been forced to train in a small courtyard due to the coronavirus outbreak in Spain. Her training equipment merely consisted of a yoga mat and some resistance bands.

Spain entered a full emergency lockdown for 14 days on Monday after the country struggled to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Spain has 11826 cases and 533 deaths currently.

“There are a lot of countries with a state of emergency and one of them is Spain. And right now, I think we are not in equal terms with the rest of the world,” Marin said.

“I think the Olympics should be postponed. I hope they (IOC) give us the answer as soon as possible because athletes are living with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen.”

Marin also mentioned how a hiatus in her training can affect her muscle mass and fitness overall. Experienced coach Vimal Singh of India also says that it takes two months to get back to match fitness if you do not train for two weeks.

Meanwhile, the IOC said on Tuesday that they remain fully committed to holding the Olympic Games as scheduled.

Marin ended her video by thanking all the workers in health industries, supermarkets and pharmacies who continue to work despite challenges.