From former partner Hendra Setiawan to longtime rivals like Koo Kien Keat, thousands of people from the badminton world shared their condolences for the retired legend Markis Kido and his family following his death after a heart attack.

Koo Kien Keat

Koo Kien Keat: “Our long rivalry goes back to when we’re playing in the Asian Junior championships at the age of 16, and it went all the way until my retirement.

“We shared a similar playing style and whenever we faced Markis and Hendra, it’s Markis that I would always pay extra attention to.

“I’m so sorry to hear this news. I didn’t expect him to pass away at such a young age. It’s a great loss to badminton. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Hendra Setiawan

Hendra Setiawan: “My deepest condolences to one of my best partners in joy and sorrow… He is an extraordinary and a very talented player.. I want to say thank you very much for being a very good partner for me in winning or losing.

Thank you for partnering from scratch and fighting together for 14 years.

Thank you Kido & goodbye.”

Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei: “Rest in peace, legend badminton Pak Markis. Thoughts with his family right now. Always remember his relentless smashes and never give up attitude.”

Tan Boon Heong

Tan Boon Heong: “When I first heard about his death from Datuk Lee (Chong Wei), it hit me so bad that I didn’t know how to react for a moment.

“I have quite a good relationship with Markis, Hendra and other Indonesian players. We keep in touch, and meet up for a meal and a good chat.

“I actually wanted to go to Indonesia to pay Markis a visit and play badminton with him after the pandemic but he’s now gone.”

Tontowi Ahmad

Tontowi Ahmad: “To be honest I was so close with Kido, he was so kind, funny, and he guided younger players.”

“My deepest condolences to my senior role model, also an Olympic champion, and I hope our prayers for him are accepted by the Most Glorious One.”

Cai Yun

Cai Yun: “Such a great player and opponent, he could have continued to dedicate his energy for badminton, but it is a pity that God is jealous of his talents. I admire Kido very much.”

Fu Haifeng

Fu Haifeng: “I will miss Kido. With a shy smile and a triumphant look… I pay homage to an opponent who has passed away. I pay homage to the games that we played. May your family find the strength to endure.”

Liliyana Natsir

Natsir: “When I first joined international competition, in the Asia Junior championships, I played mixed doubles with you and we became champions. I hope Kido is in the best place by His side and I hope his family can stay strong and sincere. Amen.”

Goh V Shem

“Kido and I were also partners in the Indian Badminton League. That was a lot of fun.

“Truly a sad day not just for Indonesians, but for the entire badminton world. My thoughts and prayers go out to Kido’s family in this difficult time.”