Hendra Setiawan
Date of Birth25 Aug 1984
Height183 cms
Highest Ranking1 (MD)
BirthplacePemalang, Indonesia


  • Gold Medalist, 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • 4x Men’s Doubles World Champion (2007,2013, 2015, 2019)
  • 2x Asian Games Gold Medalist ( 2010, 2014)

Skill level 9999. And humility level 9999.99
This is how I would describe Hendra Setiawan. In a TV interview by BWF, Hendra Setiawan said that he thought of himself as a very normal player, nothing special. This just reflects how humble the guy is. He has won everything there is to badminton, except the Thomas Cup and the Sudirman Cup which are team events. Shot anticipation is what sets Hendra Setiawan apart from other great players. He is always there at the right place and the right time in the front of the court to intercept and kill the shuttle on the opponents.


Hendra Setiawan is also called ‘Jangkis’ (Indonesian acronym for Jangkung and Tipis) by his current coach, Herry Iman Pierngadi. it all started when Hendra Setiawan was still at Jaya Raya club. The nickname is based on his posture at that time, tall and slim (Jangkis).

To Indonesian badminton fans, Hendra is popularly known as ‘Kojeng’ and ‘Ko Hen’.


2021 – Present

Hendra Setiawan Using a mizuno fortious tour in 2019

2019 – 2021
Currently Hendra Setiawan is using the Mizuno Fortius Tour (Black Gold colour). The racket is stiff and head heavy. Not many players can use a head heavy racket effectively at the front of the court. This just shows how good of an anticipation Hendra Setiawan has.

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