Kento Momota expressed that he has recovered 100 percent both physically and psychologically. The world champion underwent surgery for an orbital fracture after the fatal car accident injuries.

Momota had started recovery and training in the end of February.

Based on reports by Nikkan Sports, Momota said that his eyes were in good conditions, “I have no problems (with my eye) while practicing. I can see the same as before.”

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Many of his fans were relieved with the postponement of the Olympics as it would give him more time to recover. Momota, on the other hand, felt quite the opposite when he heard the news.

“I was upset. I only had six months after the surgery (before the Olympics). I did not have any time to relax. I was trying to give my best every day.”

This has not deterred Momota though and he has been training hard and focusing on his goal ahead.

“I don’t want to be remembered forever that I failed because I had an accident. I want to be stronger,” continued Momota.

Momota says he has been training efficiently and recovering fully because of the support of the team and his friends. He expressed his gratitude for their support.

Momota also said that his goal for the Olympics remains unchanged.

“I’m working hard every day toward my goal. I want to return to my level before the accident as soon as possible,” Momota said.

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