Kento Momota will be back with a seamless face, it seems. As per Japan’s national head coach Park Joo Bong, Momota underwent plastic surgery.

Momota was involved in a car accident that killed the driver and injured four others while heading to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport back in January. The ill-fated tragedy came hours after Momota won the Malaysia Masters.

A month after the accident he returned to training but had some vision problems and had an orbital fracture surgery. The eye surgery went fine but left a scar.

During Momota’s first public press interview after the accident in March, the scar under his right eye was clearly seen. The scar, however, has completely disappeared on his latest Instagram photo. Park Joo Bong confirmed that Momota had undergone plastic surgery to get rid of this scar.

“He has been training with his club during this period and we’ve been monitoring him. He is in good shape and in fact, he looks more handsome than before,” Park told The Star.

“He took this opportunity during the lockdown to go for a plastic surgery. There are no scars whatsoever on his face,” added Park.

Besides Momota, a few other badminton players are rumoured to have undergone the knife for plastic surgeries. Lin Dan was rumoured to have had a nose job done a few years back. There were also rumours of plastic surgery about Xie Xing Fang, Lin Dan’s wife. When interviewed by the media, she said that the rumours were not true. Some sites also claim that Kim Ga Eun, a South Korean badminton player, might have done plastic surgery.

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