The Nippon Badminton Association (NBA) announced that Kento Momota is among the 15 Japanese players to have pulled out of the upcoming DANISA Denmark Open.

According to Kyodo News, the players’ clubs such as NTTEAST, TONAMI, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Company and so on put in a request for the players to skip going to Europe where the Covid-19 situation was a matter of concern.

The Denmark Open would have been Momota’s grand re-entry to badminton after his unfortunate traffic accident in January. Now, his return will be in a domestic tournament set for December.

Akane Yamaguchi, Takeshi Kamura, Keigo Sonoda, Hiroyuki Endo and Yuta Watanabe are the other big names who will not be going to Denmark.

Other players who are still going to Denmark are Nozomi Okuhara, Kenta Nishimoto, Yuki Fukushima, Sayaka Hirota, Mayu Matsumoto, Wakana Nagahara, Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida.

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