A Chinese Taipei male athlete with travel history to Spain, Germany and England has been confirmed positive for Covid-19.

While the athlete has not been disclosed as a badminton player, his travel history exactly overlaps with the schedules of the Barcelona Spain Masters, Yonex German Open and the Yonex All England Championships; he was reportedly in Spain from 16th to 24th February, in Germany from 25th February to 7th March and in England from 8th March to 15th March.

CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang said that the male athlete was below 20 years old and a sparring partner for the national players. Chuang was, however, unwilling to confirm if he was a badminton player.

According to Appledaily, the athlete is believed to have shared the shuttle bus with players from other nationalities as well, the shuttle buses which connect the hotel to the stadium.

When Chuang was asked by reporters if the athlete might have possibly had contact with world no. 1 Tai Tzu Ying, he simply said, “She would be quarantined at home.”

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