Indonesia’s men’s singles coach Hendry Saputra shows symptoms of coronavirus

Hendry Saputra, Indonesia’s men’s singles coach, has shown symptoms of coronavirus during his self-isolation following the return from the All England. He is now classified as a Covid-19 Patient Under Supervision (PDP).

According to the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI), coach Hendry is still waiting for a swab test to confirm if he has Covid-19 or not. 

In Indonesia, ODP (People Under Supervision) status is given people who returned from overseas or have had contact with a coronavirus patient. ODPs don’t show any symptoms. PDPs show symptoms but have not been tested yet.

38-year old Hendry’s health was rapidly declining during his self-isolation at the national training centre at PBSI and he showed symptoms like fever, weakness, nausea and loss of appetite 

CT scans revealed many spots on Hendry’s left lungs. He has no previous history of any lungs disease. CT scans of the lungs are widely used as a preliminary test for coronavirus to check infection of the lungs.

It is implied that Hendry had close interactions with the whole Indonesian team present at the All England Championships, especially Anthony Ginting and Jonatan Christie.

The Indonesian national training centre has now been completely locked down and no person is allowed to go in or out of the premises.