The Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced today on its official website the cancellation of the following tournaments, the YONEX Taipei Open (1-6 September 2020), Korea Open (8-13 September 2020), VICTOR China Open (15-20 September 2020), and DAIHATSU YONEX Japan Open (September 22-27 2020).

The decision has been made in light of the spreading COVID-19 pandemic after consulting with the host nations, BWF clarified.

“These decisions to cancel tournaments are made in the best interest of the health of the players, spectators, volunteers and Members Associations. We are deeply disappointed to have to cancel the tournaments, but feel that the well-being of everyone involved is most important at this time,” said BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund.

Lund said that BWF would continue to adjust and ensure all badminton activities comply with World Health Organization (WHO) regulations, local health authorities, and domestic and international travel restrictions.