Viktor Axelsen has not been at his best physical condition at the Indonesia Open even though he managed to win his first-round match against Koki Watanabe yesterday.

Axelsen suffers from a certain allergy that troubles in humid climates. He was struggling with his breathing throughout his match yesterday in Bali. After winning the match in two sets, he laid down on the court floor gasping for air.

As reported on TV2, Axelsen said after the game, “Of course, I have not been quite on top out here. I am struggling a little with breathing, but it is getting better day by day. I had to fight my way through today, and I hope it gets better tomorrow”

Regarding his second-round match against Kidambi Srikanth today, Axelsen said, “It will be another difficult match. All in all, it’s a slightly different situation I’m in now, but I have no excuses. I’ll feel better tomorrow and we’ll fight on.”

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