All England champions Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota held an online press conference on June 4 to announce that they are moving to a new club called Marusugi Bluvic. The transfer took place as their previous club and employer American Vape went bankrupt.

According to, American Vape could not pay the salaries of the players including Fukushima and Hirota.

Marusugi Bluvic is a newly formed team under the wing of the company Marusugi Corporation. A total of 16 players including team coaches have been transferred to the new team.

The women’s doubles pair shared the big news with their followers on social media as well. The message read as

“According to yesterday’s news, we decided to move the club from American Vape, Gifu to Marusugi Bluvic. For 2 years, I played actively at American Vape, Gifu, I was happy. I want to grow and be united with the new Marusugi Bluvic team from Marusugi Corporation. For those who have supported us and also for the fans, please continue to support. “