Indonesian badminton is facing a scandal at the moment. It is not related to the on court actions of any player but off court activity.

One of its prime badminton stars is allegedly seen in the viral video. The video is of the player masturbating on camera. 

While the player has not been officially named, the video seems to be circulated widely on social media. This circulation has put pressure on PBSI to make an official statement regarding this matter. 

Asked to comment on the incident, PBSI Head of Development and Achievement Susi Susanti told the media not to judge first and jump to conclusions, and that doing so might affect the performance of the competing athletes. She also added that if the incident turns out to be true, PBSI rules will decide whether the alleged player will be suspended or not.

Official badminton statement from PBSI regarding this matter is still awaited. Will PBSI state the name of the player? Whether the player in question will be reprimanded for this scandal? And if so, what will be the punishment?

How will this punishment affect the Indonesian badminton community? 

Even though the scandal is off court related, we must remember that the national team of Japan reprimanded Kento Momota for his off court activities. It remains to see what sort of punishment is ruled for the player in question. 

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