The entire badminton world has been saddened by the untimely death of Markis Kido.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medallist, born in the Tangerang province of Indonesia on August 11, 1984, died yesterday at the age of 36 while playing badminton at the GOR Petrolin gymnasium.

Playing badminton at the GOR was Kido’s weekly routine.

Candra Wijaya, the 2000 Sydney Olympics gold medallist, was with Kido on the court when he passed away. He gave an account of Kido’s last moments to Detik Sport.

Wijaya said, “Actually, we meet each other and play every Monday at the Petrolin GOR, Tangerang. It (the play on the court) was relaxed, very relaxed, nothing too exerting. Kido was normal, just normal, playing not too hard on the court, he joked a little too.

“Kido had only played half a set, when he was changing positions (on the court) at 15-8, I suddenly saw that he had fallen forward in a very abnormal way.

“I then sat down and other friends helped. Pumping his heart (chest compressions), giving water. We tried to get first aid, and immediately took him to Omni (Hospital).

“Maybe it’s a God’s will, his life ended here, when the doctor and friends brought him (to the hospital), Kido was already taken away by God. He was gone. He passed away around 6.30 pm or 6.40 pm (14 June 2021).”

Zul Asteria, Kido’s mother, mourning the loss of his son said, “It seems he wanted (his life and death) on the court. I prayed for him to be safe. I thought it was just a stroke, because he has high blood pressure, that maybe a blood vessel ruptured and he fell down. I prayed, but in reality Kido was gone.”

Kido leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

He is the older brother of Bona Septano and Pia Zebadiah Bernadet, who are also both international badminton players.

Kido brought glory to Indonesia on numerous occasions during his active playing days. Besides the Olympic gold, he also won the 2007 World Championship gold and the 2010 Asian Games gold with his partner Hendra Setiawan.

The 2018 Indonesia Masters was his last international tournament, marking 471 wins and 249 losses in his illustrious career.

Farewell to the legend, your explosive smash and passion on the court will always be remembered.