Badminton Korea Association (BKA) said yesterday that it is officially filing a complaint to the Badminton World Federation against China’s Chen Qing Chen for using the F-word during the semi-final match at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, reports SBS Korea.

The semi-final match in question was the match between Chen Qing Chen / Jia Yi Fan of China and Kim So Yeong / Kong Hee Yong of South Korea.

Chen Qing Chen has been alleged using the profane F-word repeatedly against the South Koreans during the match.

According to SBS, the controversy came to light when Chinese speaking audience from Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei pointed out that Chen was using the Chinese word 我操 (wǒ cāo) which translates to the English word “F*ck” during the match.

Usually, Chinese players shout 好球 (Hǎo qiú) which translates to English as “good shot or good ball” when they win a rally.

Chen denied the allegations against her and claimed that it was her pronunciation that caused the misunderstanding between the two words 我操 (wǒ cāo) and 好球 (Hǎo qiú).

She said, “I am sorry I made people misunderstand. In fact, I was just encouraging myself to win. I did not expect my pronunciation to be that bad to make everyone misunderstand.”

BKA will, however, go ahead with the official complaint and described Chen’s behaviour as “excessive”.

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