Bo Jensen, Director of Badminton Denmark said that some were waiting for something to go wrong at the DANISA Denmark Open 2020.

Through Sport Tv2, he said, β€œThere is a huge focus on what is happening in Denmark and how Denmark has managed to get started and get this running on its feet.

I can promise you that there are both those who sit and clap, but there are also those who sit and hope something goes wrong.”

Who is it?

Jensen said those nations/players who refused to come might see a justification if something goes wrong.

β€œIt is, among others, those who have withdrawn and in some way have to justify their decision in not coming.”

The DANISA Denmark Open 2020 is well underway, and everyone is following its every move with keen eyes. It marks not only the return of badminton but also a start of a new way to conduct tournaments for the near future, if not for a long time.

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