The Thomas and Uber Cup kicks off tomorrow in Aarhus, Denmark. However many players were exposed by Danish media TV2 to have violated the health and safety protocols implemented for the tournament.

Many of the players are blatantly posting photos of themselves breaking the rules on social media. Were the rules not made clear to the players?

Roaming in public places without a mask

Chen Qing Chen can be seen at a shop without a mask

Egyptian players go to a public restaurant without maintaining any form of social distancing

Indian players can be seen roaming around Aarhus without a mask

Players from Chinese Taipei and Canada enjoying the snacks at the Aarhus street food

According to the Covid-19 protocols of the tournament, all players are supposed to stay inside the green zone of the bubble system.

This means that they should be confined to their hotel rooms or the badminton hall. They are allowed to go out only in case of an emergency but must avoid contact with the public.

It is also mandatory for the players to wear masks at all times except when they are on the court playing or warming up, and eating or drinking.

Are there any sanctions from the BWF?

BWF told TV2, “BWF is aware that some players are violating BWF’s security protocols and operating procedures.

“Players are allowed to walk or run outside, but both the players and everyone involved around the tournament are asked to minimize contact with people outside the green bubble by not interacting with the public.

“BWF will take a closer look at the case internally and decide to what extent we issue warnings or penalties.”