Malaysian badminton legend Lee Chong Wei thinks that the introduction of the synthetic shuttlecocks will bring a huge difference to the game.

Lee Chong Wei had reportedly participated in the testing of a synthetic feather shuttlecock in 2017.

According to Sinchew, Lee said, “I’m not sure if they are using the same synthetic feather shuttlecock which we used previously. But if the answer is yes, that will bring a huge difference.

“Those shuttlecocks don’t fly like the traditional shuttlecocks, and they have a greater travelling speed.”

Feels just like plastic

Synthetic feather shuttlecocks were reportedly used in the 2018 Indonesia International Challenge.

Malaysian Yeoh Seng Zoe, who reached the semi-final in the tournament, said that the synthetic shuttlecocks felt just like plastic shuttlecocks.

Yeoh feels that the synthetic shuttlecock favours the attacking players as the rally can be killed easily with a single smash.

The Malaysian player is of the opinion that the shuttlecock will make the rallies shorter and is not suitable for high level tournaments.

He added: “The match will be over very quickly; the entertainment level of the tournaments will decrease as they are not exciting enough. I’m not sure about others’ opinion, but this is what I think.”