Kento Momota might return to practice with the Japan national team as soon as February 3, if he recovers normally.

Park Joo Bong, in a press interview, said that Momota might join the national team training camp for the Badminton Asia Team Championships (11-16 February 2020, Philippines).

Head coach Park also recalled details of the horrific accident that happened a week earlier.

According to Sinchew, Park Joo Bong said in the interview, “I cried when I saw Momota’s despondent expression. I saw blood on him, and there was no towel around, so I covered him with my jacket.”

That was when Momota asked, “Can I still play badminton?”

Park Joo Bong told Momota not to worry. After that he retrieved Momota’s cell phone from the van and gave it to him.

At the hospital in Malaysia, after it was known that there were no serious injuries, Momota jokingly asked Park, “Can it be fixed? Can I be handsome once again?”

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