Kevin Cordon: “I’m not playing a seed in the first round. My coach told me Momota is not playing. That makes me more confident, of course. To be honest, I haven’t seen the draw. I never see the draw. It doesn’t matter. It’s just about the next match. I knew I would play Momota if I won the first round, but now it’s opened up for me to reach the last 16.”

“The reception back home was really nice. I don’t know how to explain it. They think that if Kevin can do well in Olympics, they can do well in studies or at work.  Most of the kids want to play badminton. It’s really nice. Most kids ask their parents to buy them a racket. They play on the streets and in their houses. In Guatemala badminton is now getting more popular because the kids want to play. Now I’m here, I’m playing the World Championships for them.”

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