Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo forms the other half of the dynamic duo from Indonesia, who are also popularly known as the ‘Mininons’. He is known for his extremely unpredictable style of play. His shots and deceptions are totally outside of the book. His speed around the court with his racket is unmatched. Kevin Sanjaya is setting a whole new standard in badminton men’s doubles. His entertaining – provocative persona combined with his tumbling low serves and notorious flick serves often leaves his opponents dumbfounded and speechless.

Major Achievements
2018 Asian Games Gold Medalist
All England Champions – 2017, 2018


2018 – Present
Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo is currently using the Yonex Astrox 88s. The Astrox 88s is currently the favoured racket of most front court doubles players at the moment


2017 – 2018
The Arcsaber 11 is an evenly balanced racket. The racket has a very large sweet spot thanks to its comparatively larger head size. It was a widely used doubles racket.


2016 & Before
Kevin Sanjaya was sponsored by Victor Badminton before he started his contract with Yonex in 2017. He frequently changed his racket when he was using Victor rackets. Jetspeed S12, Hypernano X900 and Jetspeed S10 are the last three Victor rackets he used.

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