Ayaka Takahashi’s Badminton Racket

Ayaka Takahashi
Date of Birth19 April 1990
Height164 cms
Highest Rank1
BirthplaceNara, Japan


  • Gold Medal, 2016 Rio Olympic games
  • Gold Medal, 2018 Asian Games, Palembang Jakarta

Ayaka Takahashi is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to smashes in women’s doubles. She is always relentless in her attack and the amount of power she can generate in her smashes is unreal. She has been playing together with her partner Misaki Matsutomo since their high school days (2007). By winning the Gold Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, together they became the first to win an Olympic Gold in badminton for Japan.


2016 – Present
Ayaka Takahashi has not changed her racket for quite a bit of time now, even though she has changed the colour of her racket. She is currently using a Yonex Duora 7 (Matte black). This racket came out shortly after the release of the Duora 10. It is now no longer featured on the Yonex website.