Akane Yamaguchi is the youngest player ever to win a BWF Superseries Title, at an age of just 16 years and 3 months. Though she stands at just 155 cms, her defensive play and retrieving capabilities are unparalleled. Former Denmark National coach and renowned commentator Steen Pedersen often describes Akane Yamaguchi as the most technically skilled player in the current crop of women single’s players.

Akane’s favourite colour is red, the english translation for the Japanese word ‘Akane’ is deep red.

akane yamaguchi using an astrox 77 in 2019

2017 – PRESENT
Akane Yamaguchi is currently using the Astrox 77. The Astrox 77 is an excellent racket both for intermediate as well as pros. The medium flex on the racket increases good timing of your shots. Its a racket suited for singles.

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