Yonex is set to release Astrox 99 Pro this September. This is the latest addition to the hugely successful Astrox line of rackets.

The racket will be used by men’s singles world no. 1 Kento Momota (Japan).

Yonex has introduced a new technology known as “VOLUME CUT RESIN” in the Astrox 99 PRO.

“VOLUME CUT RESIN” is a new type of epoxy resin that has been used to construct the entire frame of the racket. It is lighter in weight and has excellent strength.

More precise weight distribution in the racket is possible because of the new material used, Yonex claims.

A continuous grommet known as the “POWER-ASSIST BUMPER”, roughly similar to the ones used in the Voltric Z Force 2, has been used in the racket.

The continuous grommet is 55% heavier than normal grommets and it will help players while smashing.

The Astrox 99 Pro comes in two colours

Because of the new epoxy resin, it has also been possible to insert holes of larger diameters around the racket. According to Yonex, this will improve the contact between the racket and the shuttlecock by improving the motion of the string bed.

The isometric head shape on the racket has been further optimized as well to increase the sweet spot of the racket.

Along with the Astrox 99 PRO, a new racket called Astrox 99 GAME will also be released. This will be a mid-range racket and will be geared towards players of intermediate skills.

Weight and Grip Size4U (average 83 grams) G5/G6
3U (Average 88 grams) G4/G5/G6
ColoursWhite Black (White Tiger) and Red Black (Cherry Sunburst)
Recommended stringsAerobite Boost for hard-hitting players and Aerobite for controlled play
Recommended tension4U: 20-28 lbs
3U: 21-19 lbs
Construction materialVOLUME CUT RESIN, Highly Elastic Carbon, Namd, Tungsten, new built-in T shaped joint
MSRP¥ 29,700 (~270 USD)

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