Cars are like our best friends on our day off.”

World No. 19 Yang Po Han and Lu Ching Yao did not always have it easy when it came to finances. At one time they had to struggle to travel to European tournaments.

Today, the pair is one of the top-ranked players in the world and is enjoying their success. One of the things they share the love of, besides badminton, is cars.

Talking to Badminton Unlimited, the pair reminisced the time where they had money only for one phone SIM card while travelling. Yang now owns a Chevrolet Corvette C8 in electric blue and has inscribed it with things that have meanings to him.

Yang: “We made a wish at that time when we had better results we would buy a better car together.”

Lu: “We wish to give the younger players hope and a positive outlook. We want them to know that as long as they work hard, they can buy the things they want. My hope is to see more players train hard and keep up the determination to improve their skills.”

This is my autograph and it’s to let others know that this is my car.

What are the things inscribed on the dream car?

Cars are like our best friends on our day off.”

Ode to their clubs.

The logo of their current club “Zhong Zu.”

Their two former clubs, Klang City Badminton Club (KCBC) and Kepong Badminton Club (KBC). “We used to play for them as well, so I feel it’s very meaningful.”

Numbers and initials.

No. 13 represents Yang’s birthday on March 13.

His girlfriend’s initials and her birthday, 29 March.


Their partnership’s logo, Yang and Lu logo.

“” is the site where their merchandise is sold.

Their YouTube channel.

Manga inspirations from his childhood.

Bullet Bills from Super Mario on the headlights. Yang said they depicted badminton that is agile and fast.

Naruto inspired Sharingan-like headlights, they are reminders of Sasuke Uchiha’s eyes.

The different coloured wheels are inspired by the manga series ‘Bakuso Kyodai & Let’s Go.’

Other logos.