Viktor Axelsen lives his dream. He became the men’s singles champion at the All England Championships on Sunday by defeating Chou Tien Chen.

As he won the final point of the match, Axelsen pulled up his t-shirt over his face in celebration.

But what caught everyone’s eye were the taped nipples. Yes, Axelsen had tapes covering both his nipples.

He then took off his shirt and threw it to the crowd giving us viewers more time to probe into the mystery tapes.

These were the question on everyone’s mind – Is it a physiotherapy thing? Did he have some kind of surgery? Nipple piercings? Tattoos? A funny media stunt?

Axelsen revealed the real reasons for his mystery nipple tapes on a Facebook live stream today.

Well, the reason is actually very simple.

“This All England, I had a white clothing set that my sponsor Yonex wanted me to play in. And they had not washed the new jerseys. So for the first couple of days, as I was warming up with these jerseys, I could feel my nipples burning a little”, Axelsen said.

“I think there are a lot of athletes (who received the same t-shirt) know about it. So I put some tape on so that that it did not become a problem during the match.”