Hans Kristian Vittinghus feels very fortunate to be still a part of the Danish national team at 35. Training alongside Viktor Axelsen, Anders Antonsen and Rasmus Gemke have encouraged him to keep trying and doing his best at his current age.

In an interview with Badminton Unlimited, he said, “…Those three guys are a big reason why I’m still playing at the level I am. They make it so fun to come to training every day because they push me to try and do my best.

So I really thank them for keeping me at this level at 35. I think there is a really good atmosphere between us.”

Vittinghus, who returned back to the top 20 of the world rankings this week, also revealed that he had no intention of retiring from badminton anytime soon.

“I’m not sure if there will be a day where I’ll say I’m 100 percent ready to quit. I love the sport too much, I love competing too much but I’ve said to my wife and also to my sponsor that the world championships at home in 2023 in Denmark would be a very nice place to finish,” he said.

Watch the full interview here.