Social media websites are weird and wonderful at the same time. It’s a place where you can connect and exchange ideas with other people across the globe, but it is also a place where you can fake being a billionaire with just a dollar in your pocket.

Then, there are the trolls. There are always some in the comments section who are ready to pass offensive comments whenever a player posts something on his/her social media account.

This time it happened to Viktor Axelsen, Danish star, current World No. 2, 2017 World Champion, former All England champion.

It was a video of Axelsen practising his net shots on Facebook. There were a few people in the comments who were not in their place to say certain things.

One of them said, “Focus on your mental strength/how to keep focus especially when meeting with a tough opponent..”

Another said, “Focus on your creativity.”

Axelsen found the perfect reply to shut down the trolls.

He took the sarcastic route and replied, “Thanks coach, will do it.”

Later, Axelsen posted a screenshot of the comments on his Twitter and said, “Great advice is to be found on social media. Plan for the day: work on my creativity and mental strength. Will be unstoppable now.”

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