Viktor Axelsen who tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday flew back to Denmark on a private jet earlier today.

He was looking at a two-week quarantine in Kyiv, Ukraine – which was not an option for the world No. 2 just two months away from the Olympics.


Diet and training during quarantine

“After talking with my team and going through my situation multiple times, I’ve decided to personally arrange a private ambulance jet with the highest safety and medical standards to help me get back home to Denmark,” said Axelsen.

His whole journey from Kyiv to home in Copenhagen, including the ambulance ride, was inside a sealed IsoArk isolation chamber.

His friend and mental coach BS Christiansen and a medical team accompanied him on the flight. After reaching Copenhagen, he will head on to his quarantine location.

“At my quarantine location in Denmark, I will be able to follow the right diet and also have the opportunity to do whatever physical training I’m able to do,” said Axelsen.

Axelsen in the isolation chamber and his mental coach BS Christiansen (first from the right)
Time is of the essence

“Time is really valuable right now and as we get closer to the Olympics, I will do whatever I can to get back to Denmark and back to training in a safe and responsible way, without putting anyone in risk.

“I’ve been training so long and hard to get ready for the Olympics, so hopefully I will recover from this without any complications and get back to the court soon again,” said Axelsen.

He mentioned specifically that he will make sure that he properly abides with the regulations and protocols after arriving in Denmark.

He also said he will not return to the court before being cleared by a medical team in Denmark.

While Axelsen has flown home on a private jet, his teammates – Joel Eipe, Rasmus Kjær and Mathias Thyrri are still in Kyiv where they are to complete their two-week quarantine.

“I realize that I’m really privileged to be able to do this and my thoughts are with the millions of people around the world, who don’t have the resources to fund initiatives like this, let alone get the necessary medical help when needed the most.

“It’s heartbreaking and I hope, like everyone else, that this pandemic will be over soon,” said Axelsen.

“A special thanks to my mental coach and close friend BS (Christiansen) who will not only be present on the trip home, but who also has helped me get in contact with the amazing and professional crew from Flex Flight who is making sure that I get back home in the safest way possible,” he added.

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