Denmark’s Anders Antonsen retired hurt due to a twisted ankle in the All England semi-final today against Chou Tien Chen.

Antonsen twisted his right ankle while lunging sideways when he was 16-14 down in the first game.

The tournament doctor was called immediately after to assess the injury and provide some first aid if necessary. 

Swelling had already started on his ankle and Antonsen was grimacing with pain when he tried to move it.

Anders Antonsen rolled his ankle while trying to return a shot

Coach Kenneth Jonassen also signalled him to call it a day. Antonsen forfeited the match thereafter.

Chou Tien Chen will face Viktor Axelsen in the final tomorrow.

The world championship silver medalist started off the match looking extremely nervous, as commentators Steen Pedersen and Gillian Clark pointed out.

A few points before 16-14, Antonsen also stumbled and almost fell down when moving back to hit a shot. It was clear that the 22-year old was feeling the tension of the big semi-final.

Coincidentally, Shi Yuqi also suffered a similar injury in Indonesia Open last year while playing against Anders Antonsen!

Shi Yuqi took 4 months to recover and come back to tournament from his injury. He is still struggling to regain his form before the injury.

The severity of Antonsen’s injury is not yet known, but it is sadly a big blow to him in this Olympic year.

Anders Antonsen wheeled off from the court after his injury