Greysia Polii shared on social media that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would be her last Olympics.

Polii, who won the women’s doubles gold medal with Apriyani Rahayu, wrote, “Tokyo Olympic 2020 in 2021 is finally over. Looking back to last year when this big sports event in the world needed to be postponed. My heart was broken because I thought my dream to play in the Olympic Tokyo 2020 has no chance.

“Through this message I personally want to thank the IOC and Japan government for making this dream of top Athletes around the world happened! We joyful and grateful!”

Coach Eng Hian, who will be finding a replacement for Polii to partner with Rahayu, spoke on the qualities he will look for in his replacement candidates.

“The process of finding a replacement for Greysia is ongoing. And I already have some views about it. What is certain though is that the main criterion is not a technical problem, it can be trained. But it is determination, will, and totality to become a champion. That is the problem, because there aren’t many who fit the criterion,” he explained to Detik Sport.