The Latvian Badminton Federation (LBF) announced that the Yonex Latvia International will be held on August 28-30, 2020. The tournament was originally scheduled for May 28-31.

According to a press release from the LBF through the Badminton Europe website, Secretary-General Kristians Rozenvalds of the LBF said, “We have made a difficult decision. We will not withdraw the Yonex Latvia International 2020, although the number of registered players is three times lower than in previous years. We respect every one of the 118 players (from 19 countries) who have trusted us.”

According to the LBF, Latvia is a country with low levels of COVID-19 and that safety and security will be ensured at the utmost importance for the tournament.

The press release also mentioned that the Latvian government would lend a hand in organizing the tournament. The tournament is open to players who belong to the ‘blacklist’ countries as well, without the 14-day self-isolation. Players from a ‘blacklist’ country must take a COVID-19 test in Latvia. And a negative test result must be presented within 24 hours of crossing the Latvian borders.

“The reduction in the number of players makes it possible to reduce the number of days of the tournament – not four but three days will be needed. Only four courts, not six, will be needed, so overall fewer umpires and line judges will be required,” said Rozenvalds.

Rozenvalds ended the press release by saying, “At the moment, no one can be sure of what happens tomorrow. But we believe we will succeed.”