The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) can breathe a sigh of relief after the government announced an allocation of funds for sports development. The fund comes on account of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges it has given to various sporting associations.

As reported by the New Straits Times, a total of 13 million USD has been allocated for high-performance sports, which includes badminton.

Kenny Goh, Secretary General of the BAM, said that any form of “budget money” was a welcome sight at the moment. He continued to say that the funding would help the association achieve their targets and goals.

Goh said, “We are happy to know that the government has allocated a substantial sum for the development of our sport. 2020 has been an unprecedented and very challenging year for everybody. This financial support will spur us to work harder and achieve our goal.”

BAM is already gearing up for a busy 2021 season with many major tournaments. They have promised to send their athletes to more tournaments next year as well as raise the bar for national junior players.