I hope to be the world’s best player, but I’d have to take it step by step by becoming the third best in the world first.”

Sapsiree Taerattanachai and Dechapol Puavaranukroh said that the three titles win in 2019 has given them enough confidence to be hopeful for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The current world No. 3s in the mixed doubles discipline admitted that their game needed to be better to be considered the best in the world. Puavaranukroh said, “In 2019 we won three titles and it was a good year for us. However, we still have some weaknesses that we need to improve on in order to perform better.

In order to become No. 1 or 2, we have to consistently win against the three best pairs in the world.”

In the recent episode of Badminton Unlimited, the world No. 3s talked about their Olympic chances.

Taerattanachai said 2019 was a better year for them as a pair as everything fell into place and that she and her partner played better after her injury scare in 2018.

“We were able to play well together which was good, but there were many areas for improvement.”

Puavaranukroh added: “Like she said, in 2018 she had just recovered from an injury. When she returned, we had to practice harder as a team. We needed to make some adjustments so as to play well together.”

Taerattanachai continued that the three titles in 2019 gave them confidence and that would try to maintain the level of confidence and standard till the Olympic Games.

“We want to do well in every match to boost our confidence until the final day, and hopefully we can at least advance into the semifinals.”

Fun time.

How well do you know your partner?

T: What is my favourite food?

P: You like to eat… Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad).  

T: Wrong, I like to eat steak.

P: What day is my birthday?

T: Tuesday. (correct) Second question, what is my favourite dog breed?

P: Pomeranian?

T: Wrong…It’s Corgi.

P: Which country do I want to go but have never been to?

T: Spain.

P: Wrong, I want to go to Dubai.

T: Who is my favourite athlete?

P: Zhao Yunlei.

T: Wrong! It’s Federer.

P: Who is my favourite athlete?

T: Ronaldo!

P: Wrong! It’s Zhang Nan.