Six players from the Japanese national team including world champions Mayu Matsumoto and Wakana Nagahara have left Japan to participate in the DANISA Denmark Open 2020 set to begin this Tuesday. They are expected to reach Denmark later today.

The players were in the company of head coach Park Joo Bong who said, “It is the first tournament in a long time. It was a difficult decision to participate in it, but we decided to participate even though we are a small number so that we can get back to the feel of an international tournament again.”

Everyone travelling had taken the PCR test three days before departure and will be following strict safety measure upon arrival in Denmark. It is confirmed that the team will be entering Denmark via the Netherlands where the Covid-19 infections seem to be in control, according to Hochi News.

World champion Wakana Nagahara seemed to be in a positive mindset when she told reporters at the Narita Airport, “I want to be in a good physical condition so that I can finish the tournament with satisfying results.”

Her partner Matsumoto added, “I have never practised in Japan so much. I want to stick to it from the beginning to the end and aim for the victory.”