New allegations have been made towards Taufik Hidayat of taking Rp 7.8 billion (7.8 billion Indonesian rupiah= approx. 550,000 USD) in bribes while serving as Deputy Chairman of the Indonesia Gold Program Implementation Unit (Satlak Prima).

The bribe was allegedly taken by Taufik to “take care of matters” at the Attorney General’s Office.

According to Jawapos, the allegations were made by former Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahwari during his corruption case hearing on 19 June at the Corruption Court, Central Jakarta District Court. Imam is currently standing trial for allegedly taking Rp 11.5 billion (840,280 USD) and an additional Rp 8.6 billion from several ministry and KONI (Indonesian Sports Council) officials.

Corruption Eradication Commission’s (KPK) public prosecutors have demanded a 10-year imprisonment sentence for Imam, 19.1 billion Indonesian rupiah in restitution, plus a fine of 500 million rupiah or a subsidiary jail term of 6 months.

Imam reportedly asked the KPK to consider the Indonesian Badminton legend as a bribery suspect in the case. Taufik had earlier claimed to act only as a courier to deliver 1 billion IDR (71,000 USD) to Imam’s personal assistant Miftahul Ulum.

“If this should be forced into a bribery case, logically Taufik Hidayat is also a bribery suspect as an intermediary, even if he does not know what the money was for or where it came from,” said Imam.

On a youtube podcast last month, Taufik had claimed that the money he handed to Ulum was wrapped in a black plastic bag and did not know that it was a bribe.

Taufik has so far remained silent on the allegations made by Imam.