Irish men’s singles player Nhat Nguyen impressed many onlookers while competing at the 2020 DANISA Denmark Open. He featured in our Three players who caught our eyes at the DANISA Denmark Open 2020.

He reflected on his Round of 16 match against world No. 2 Chou Tien Chen and said he needed to earn more experience and hope that the match against Chou would prove to be beneficial for him to increase his potential as a player.

Through the Badminton World Federation (BWF) official website, Nguyen said, “I felt I was always one step behind… In terms of quality of strokes, I wasn’t used to it. In the first game, I was two or three speeds behind. He was just playing me around.

Definitely, I need to get used to this level. Hopefully, I can produce better results in future and adapt my game to it.”

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Even though Nguyen lost to Chou, he said he was lucky to be able to play at a high stake tournament like the DANISA Denmark Open. He said reaching the round of 16 made him happy after training diligently for months. 

Currently, he is ranked No. 25 on the Race to Tokyo Qualifications. He said he played as many tournaments as possible last year to gain points and qualify for the Olympics.

“So last year was just maintenance of speed, maintenance of level. I found it hard to improve my level because I didn’t always get enough training and I was travelling. Last year I was steady, but this coming year I hope for more, so hoping to win a few (International) Challengers. So that’s my goal.”