International tournaments are still getting delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led Indonesian coaches Richard Mainaky and Herry IP to find creative ways to keep the players enthusiastic and inspired.

Through detikSport, Richard Mainaky, the mixed doubles coach, said that training program changes often occurred. He said that as coaches they checked the mood of the players on court and adjust accordingly to keep them motivated. “For example, we turn the stroke and drilling into a team competition. Later the loser will have to buy coffee,” he continued.

Richard said he tried mixing players to keep them at their toes. “We once paired Melati (Daeva Oktavianti) with Kevin (Sanjaya Sukamuljo) during training. So our mixed doubles coach coordinates with the men’s doubles coach. Sometimes a mixed pair with a men’s singles player like Jonatan,” he said.

Men’s doubles coach Herry IP asks the players to remain optimistic and prepare themselves even though the competition schedule is not yet clear. Through, Herry IP said, “Right now they practice Monday to Friday, Saturday is a holiday. Monday to Friday is also mornings only. In the afternoon they usually play football.”

PBSI will host the Thomas and Uber Cup simulation championships which will start on September 1. The championships are preparations for the Thomas and Uber Cup set for October in Denmark.