Thailand’s head coach Rexy Mainaky has rubbished rumours of a possible contract with Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), a day after some news outlets reported on the same.

On April 13, The Star reported that Rexy Mainaky and Rony Agustinus “were approached by Malaysian badminton officials” to work as coaches for Malaysia after the Tokyo Olympic Games. The report also stated Rexy and Rony would have been in Malaysia by 2020 if not for the postponement of the Olympic Games.

Rexy Mainaky, however, has said there is no substance to the report.

According to Siamsport, Rexy said, “Until now, I’m still working with BAT (Badminton Association of Thailand) and I didn’t know before about the rumour. I also did not get contacted by BAM.

“I want to continue on my hard work, my goal with Thailand badminton team for the Tokyo Olympics. My contract with BAT will expire at the end of 2020, so I have to respect my contract. I will work hard as a head coach of the Thailand national team until my contract ends.”

Rexy had worked with BAM as a coach for 7 years before he left in 2012.

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