No handshakes for PV Sindhu at the All England

World champion PV Sindhu will strictly refrain from handshakes during her All England tour this year.

Sindhu said she will stick to the traditional “namaste” to greet other players and officials to avoid the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

“We need to avoid it (handshakes). It’s always good to be on the safer side, to take extra care of oneself. Wear protective mask, use hand sanitisers all the time, do not move in groups and avoid crowded places. It’s good to be careful all the time,” Sindhu told TOI.

Meanwhile, Badminton World Federation (BWF) had released a statement on 2 March 2020 stating that handshakes during a match are still mandatory in BWF tournaments, the All England included.

Sindhu, however, will most probably not face any consequences for avoiding the handshake.

Players like Mohammad Ahsan avoid handshakes with female umpires as part of their religious practice without any consequences.

Elbow-bumps, the Japanese bow and foot-shakes have become increasingly popular around the world in the last few weeks.