New Covid-19 infections have been reported at a badminton club in Gwangju, South Korea. A total of 8 people from the club were diagnosed with the virus, according to KBS World.

The new hotspot is believed to have originated after a member of the badminton club had a meal with the husband of a woman who worked with a door-to-door sales company, who was later identified to be Covid-19 positive.

It has been confirmed that the club member visited the Chonnam National University sports center several times during late June and early July. He also participated in a badminton tournament held there on June 30.

It was revealed that members from other teams who participated in the tournament were also infected.

Following this, Gwangju City Mayor Lee Yong-seop announced that all social group sports activities, including friendly matches and league matches, will be banned in the city until July 25 to stop further spread of the virus.