Malaysian women’s singles player Kisona Selvaduray became a victim of racist comments from a Malaysian politician after she lost her matches in the ongoing Sudirman Cup.

Borhan Che Rahim who is reportedly a politician wrote on his Facebook profile status, “Where did BAM find this Indian (keling) and make her Malaysia’s main player.”

The word ‘keling’ is a derogatory term used against people with dark skin colour in Malaysia.

The Facebook post has since been deleted after it angered many Malaysians.

The Badminton Association of Malaysia(BAM) has issued an official statement regarding this incident.

The statement read, “BAM is utterly appalled by the racist remarks made towards our national women’s singles player, S Kisona.

“As the governing body of the sport in this country, BAM has zero tolerance of any form of racism or discrimination thus we absolutely condemn the remarks & we’ll always stand up for our players.

“Such a dreadful remark is uncalled for & we urge all Malaysians to condemn this senseless act.

“BAM will continue to fight for the eradication of racism in sports, especially in the realm of badminton.”

Meanwhile, MIC Youth (Malaysia India Congress for Youth) has said that it will officially file a report to the police against Borhan’s racist remarks.